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Good for your bones, great for your family


A unique calcium supplement with added Vitamin D3 and natural K2 as MenaQ7 for effective calcium utilisation.Read more

 Bone health

Adequate natural vitamin K2 is essential for the body in order to utilize Calcium to build healthy bone tissue.Read more

 Children’s health

Children’s bones grow and develop most intensively which means they are in greater need of vitamin K.Read more


 Origin of the natural Vitamin K2

Natto is a Japanese breakfast food made of fermented soybeans. Traditionally natto was prepared by wrapping boiled soybeans in rice leaves in which the bacteria fermenting the beans was found.

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How is MenaCal.7 different from other Calcium supplements?

MenaCal.7’s 3 ingredients work synergistically for safe and effective calcium utilisation and to maintain healthy and strong bones.

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